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Past Exhibition(s)


Kitso Lynn Lelliott & Tuli Mekondjo: I Was Her and She Was Me...

Kitso Lelliott & Tuli Mekondjo: I Was Her and She Was Me...

4 August 2022 - 11 September 2022

"I was her and she was me..." brings together works by Kitso Lelliott and Tuli Mekondjo that engage history, memory and both tangible and intangible archives through a variety of media, including embroidery, photography, performance and the moving image. More...

Kevin Demery: Menagerie

Kevin Demery:

9 June 2022 - 23 July 2022

"Menagerie" is Kevin Demery's second solo exhibition at Sakhile&Me. It includes works that feature varying degrees of malleability to visually guide the eye between childlike whimsy and seriousness, exploring the interplay between reproduction and reconfiguration of historical events, language, and visual cues.

The Botswana Pavilion: Maš(w)i A Ditoro (Tsa Rona)

The Botswana Pavilion:
Maš(w)i A Ditoro (Tsa Rona)

25 April 2022 - 4 June 2022

The first exhibition of the Batswana artist collective The Botswana Pavilion at Sakhile&Me references the title of the 2022 Venice Biennale, "Milk of Dreams," translated into Setswana and altered to "Milk of (Our) Dreams," suggesting subjectivity with the possibility of a collectively shared perspective. More...

Mbali Dhlamini: Go Bipa Mpa Ka Mabele

Mbali Dhlamini:
Go Bipa Mpa Ka Mabele

3 March 2022 - 9 April 2022

"Go Bipa Mpa Ka Mabele" highlights Mbali Dhlamini's transdisciplinary approach through drawings, photography and film. It is a nod to Dhlamini's keen interest and explorative sensibility in relaying insights about cultural practices and indigenous knowledge that may otherwise not be readily visible. More...


Adelaide Damoah: Radical Joy

Adelaide Damoah:
Radical Joy

2 December 2021 - 29 January 2022

In "Radical Joy," Adelaide Damoah extends her body print work into a playful and thoroughly explorative space. The compositions collectively reveal a sweeping release, mirroring Damoah's conscious decision to rest and heal her mind by immersing herself in color. More...

Raelis Vasquez: As We Were

Raelis Vasquez:
As We Were

3 September - 23 October 2021

"As We Were," is Raelis Vasquez' first solo exhibition at Sakhile&Me. The artist draws on historical, political and personal narratives and his paintings are figurative compositions that conjure the complexity of the Afro-Latinx experience. More...

Coming of Age

Lloyd Foster & Zana Masombuka: Coming of Age

1 August - 31 August 2021

"Coming of Age" features work by Zana ‘Ndebele Superhero’ Masombuka and Lloyd Foster and centers on self-actualization and rituals of becoming as well as building community and ways of communing with oneself and others. More...

Enfance volée

Tagne William Njepe:
Enfance volée

10 June - 31 July 2021

"Enfance volée" is the first solo exhibition of Tagne William Njepe at Sakhile&Me. The loss of childhood and exorcising his own experiences of forced labor play a key role in the artist's work, portraying children doing odd jobs juxtaposed with a world of dreams filled with cartoon characters and cheerful peers. More...

Gaabo Motho

Group Exhibition:
Gaabo Motho

11 March - 24 April 2021

"Gaabo Motho" features works by Wangari Mathenge, Mario Moore, Anike Joyce Sadiq and Lerato Shadi, emphasizing a sense of acceptance and nurturing from or by the place or the people close to us and inviting the audience to meditate on what makes a home or indeed a sense of belonging. More...



Group Exhibition:

4 September - 24 October 2020

"Witnesses" introduces works by Ana Paula dos Santos, Eun-Joo Shin and Nigatu Tsehay, exploring the idea of the witness as someone who a community relies on and raising questions about who amongst us is a witness and what they represent. More...


Group Exhibition:

18 June - 8 August 2020

"Figures" is a group exhibition featuring works by Tega Akpokona, Adelaide Damoah, Mbali Dhlamini, Tagne William Njepe and Tim Okamura. The show highlights interdisciplinary approaches to centering the human form in artistic practice. More...

Owanto: Flowers


8 March - 30 May 2020

"Flowers" is the first exhibition of Gabonese artist and human rights activist Owanto at Sakhile&Me. It shows a series of archival photographs of a Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) ceremony, veiling the violation with delicate porcelain flowers. More...

Accrochage 2020

Group Exhibition:

7 January - 8 February 2020

Sakhile&Me presents works by Osi Audu, Kevin Demery, Nnenna Okore, Ghizlane Sahli and Bambo Sibiya, representing different approaches to design, sculpture, painting and drawing and showing a breadth in genre, medium, technique and creative impetus. More...


Tajh Rust: Eve

Tajh Rust:

31 October - 21 December 2019

"Eve" is Tajh Rust's inaugural show at Sakhile&Me and introduces new works from his residency at Black Rock that are meditations on the different meanings of the word ‘Eve’, including evening, anticipation of an event and the biblical character. More...

Osi Audu: Wetin Be Dis

Osi Audu:
Wetin Be Dis

19 September - 26 October 2019

Osi Audu's first exhibition at Sakhile&Me shows subtly textured graphite drawings and bold acrylic paintings gesturing at different aspects of a whole or collective self and exploring the tangible and intangible as it relates to the self. More...

Zanele Muholi & Lindeka Qampi: Limise

Zanele Muholi & Lindeka Qampi:

8 August - 7 September 2019

"Limise" shows a series of black and white self-portrait photographs by Prof. Zanele Muholi from the award-winning "Somnyama Ngonyama" series and color self-portrait photographs by fellow activist and ally Lindeka Qampi. More...

Ghizlane Sahli: Histoires de Tripes

Ghizlane Sahli:
Histoires de Tripes

27 June - 3 August 2019

"Histoires de Tripes" shows new works from Ghizlane Sahli's series of the same name, enchanting cellular-form ink drawings and silk-thread sculptures made from used bottle tops that are inspired by the artist's interest in architecture, embroidery and environmental sustainability. More...

Kevin Demery: Power Lines

Kevin Demery:
Power Lines

16 May - 22 June 2019

"Power Lines" is Kevin Demery's inaugural exhibition at Sakhile&Me. His works explore the interplay between U.S. history and signifiers of power and invite us to move between their potent aesthetic and recurring motifs of historical violence, surveillance and childhood trauma. More...

Accrochage 2019

Group Exhibition:

14 February - 13 April 2019

Showing works by Adejoke Tugbiyele, Bambo Sibiya, Eddy Kamuanga Ilunga and Nnenna Okore, Sakhile&Me's first accrochage group exhibition introduces different approaches to both figurative and abstract art, experimenting with both form and material. More...


Nnenna Okore: Embodiment

Nnenna Okore:

7 September - 30 November 2018

"Embodiment" is Nnenna Okore's first show in Germany and Sakhile&Me's inaugural gallery exhibition. It shows abstract artworks made from textiles, wire, dye and acrylic that form richly textured fiber sculptures and paintings reminiscent of plant-like structures and topographic landscapes. More...